Tips for Securing Your Next Temp Job

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Posted on: 09/12/2021

Temp life is rewarding and rarely boring. Higher pay, flexibility and variety are some of the key perks that temporary workers enjoy and keep coming back for. But how do you ensure you always have your next job lined up?  

Whether you’ve been working in temp roles for some time or you’re new to the game, knowing how to find the best temp jobs in your local area should be top of your agenda. To help you get a head start on finding a temporary job, we’ll show you the most important things to do. 

Maintain Communication and Be Upfront 

One of the most important habits you need as a temp is to communicate with your agency as clearly as possible. When speaking to your recruiter, make sure you are upfront about your availability, what type of work you’re looking for and your expectations about pay, location and other factors important to you.  

Being honest from the start about what you want will help your recruiter match you to the right temp role and avoid misunderstandings that might mean wasting your time. 

Keep Your Paperwork in Order 

Keeping your CV polished can help you pick up your next temp job quickly, as this helps agencies easily spot your skills and experience. We recommend you regularly review your CV to ensure it’s up to date, being sure to highlight your skills and how you contributed to each role. Don’t forget to double-check everything for spelling and grammar errors – asking a friend (or your recruiter) to cast their eye over it is a great way to avoid obvious mistakes.   

You should also ensure that all relevant certifications and licences are current and in order (e.g. Your HGV Licence, Driver CPC or Forklift Licence). Proactively completing any necessary refresher training or recertification will help give employers confidence that you are competent and well-qualified for their role. 

Stay Reachable  

Many people miss out on temp jobs because they simply didn’t call their recruiter back soon enough, so it’s important to be as contactable as possible. Obviously, there are times when you might not be able to answer calls right away, such as while driving or working a shift, but turning on voicemail or call-back reminders will help you follow up promptly with your agency when a new job has come in.  

Most importantly, be sure to keep your agency regularly updated about your availability in advance – that way, they’ll know to put you forward for a role as soon as the right one comes up.   

Be As Flexible as Possible  

Knowing what you want from a temp role is crucial, but we recommend you also be willing to accept a position that doesn’t quite tick all your boxes. For instance, taking on roles that are different to what you’re used to, can broaden your experience and create new job opportunities. It also pays to be open about location if you can – you might be a Nottingham local, for example, but you could potentially get a lucrative temp assignment that takes you beyond the city to the wider East Midlands area. 

In addition, your willingness to work a range of hours can open up your job possibilities. For seasonal jobs especially, employers often look for staff who can work flexible shifts and relatively long hours when needed.  

Our recommendation is to be as open-minded as you can when looking for a temp job – you never know what kind of opportunities could come your way. If you’re working with an experienced recruiter like QS Recruitment, they’ll also be able to look at you CV and identify the transferable skills that would mean you’d be successful in a job you might not have thought about before!   

Speak to a Temp Recruitment Agency 

The best advice we can offer on how to get a temp job is not to do it on your own – registering with a specialist temp recruitment agency in your local area will ensure you have ongoing support and access to the best temporary jobs on the market, not to mention consistent work when you need it  

Here at QS Recruitment, our experienced consultants regularly match people to a range of temp positions in the Midlands and South Yorkshire, including HGV Drivers, Forklift Drivers, Order Pickers, Warehouse Operatives and Mail Sorters. Get in touch with our team to discuss the opportunities available – we would love to help you get the most from your temp career! 

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