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Posted on: 08/04/2014

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To whom it may concern, QS Recruitment has supplied drivers for Wincanton on the Saint-Gobain contract constantly for over 2 years. The standard of driver that has been supplied from QS Recruitment has been to a very high standard. The drivers have been presented in a professional manner, which Wincanton demand, as they are the face of our company when delivering on our behalf. The drivers have arrived on time and on the odd occasion that a driver has been unable to attend; QS have managed to cover at short notice. The work that the drivers have covered on our behalf has ranged from days and nights 7 days per week. The work has been on curtain side trailers delivering one drop through to flatbed work delivering 7 to 8 drops in the day. The number of drivers per day goes from 6/7 one day up to 30/35 another. I’ve been very happy with the working relationship we have had with QS Recruitment and look forward to this continuing in the future.

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