Prepare for the return to working life

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Posted on: 12/05/2020

Boris Johnson has unveiled the UK Government’s road map to easing lockdown measures, setting out how they intend to transition the UK economy back to business as usual.

Each phase will progressively allow more people to return to work, slowly unlocking the economy in a controlled manner. But the end of lockdown doesn’t mean the end of the pandemic, with staff sick leave and self-isolation continuing past this period.

QS Recruitment is here to help you and your business through the phases by helping you to find quality candidates that fit your needs quickly and efficiently. As the country moves through the phases, we remain flexible to ensure our clients return to business with ease.

At QS Recruitment, we have kept 70% of our temporary workforce available for work and furloughed the remaining 30% while continuing to search for the best talent throughout the lockdown period giving us a strong pool of candidates who are ready to start work as soon as you need them.

Reintegrating staff after a period of furlough is a key step to returning to normality. But this may not be as straightforward as expected. You may require alternative staffing solutions to fulfil a backlog of orders and cover sick leave.

Under this unique circumstance, it’s important to have a thorough plan that considers all eventualities so your business can thrive through the transition. This may include implementing social distancing measures or taking on temporary staff to cover gaps in your workforce.

Our extensive network allows us to find talent in your local area, reducing the need for your new staff to take public transport, as per government guidelines. Additionally, we have introduced immediate testing for workers to ensure they are in good health to reduce staff sick leave and prevent an outbreak on your premises.

If you would like to tap into our network of high quality candidates, don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your recruitment needs.

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