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Posted on: 23/12/2022

With the impacts of changing tax laws, Brexit and COVID-19, it’s no surprise to know that Drivers in the UK are in short supply.

With employers struggling with an ongoing talent shortage, qualified and reliable workers are literally in the driver’s seat.

So, do you know how your remuneration package stacks up against the rest of the market?

In this blog, we talk through the key findings from our Driver’s Pay Guide — East Midlands and South Yorkshire 2022 which is now available for download.

A Fair Pay for a Fair Day’s Work?

The survey, which included more than 400 Drivers working across the East Midlands and South Yorkshire, showed a median hourly rate of £13.00.

There were several factors determining rates of pay. Millennials reported higher rates of pay (£14.00) while Baby Boomers were on average receiving just £12.50. Despite women being paid on average 8% less than their male colleagues (in line with the national average), the size of employer also was a key contributor to actual hourly rates.

Other factors included the job type, with HGV 1 Drivers earning the most and Van Drivers the least, and employment type which saw self-employed Drivers coming out on top.

Overall, Drivers felt they were being underpaid and £15.00 was considered a “fair” rate of pay.


Benefits, Bonuses and Pensions

Survey participants were also asked about the benefits and bonuses they receive in their current Driving jobs. The findings showed annual leave, overtime payments and employer-funded training as the most commonly found.

In contrast, when asked about the benefits they wanted the most, flexible working hours, increased annual leave, better management and vehicle allowance came out on top. According to survey participants, just 9% are currently able to work flexibly but some Drivers would leave their current roles to gain flexible working somewhere else.

In terms of planning further into the future, women and Gen X‘ers are currently the biggest pension savers with both groups most likely to contribute 6% or more of their income. However, overall, only 88% of Gen X’ers are contributing to their pensions in some form compared with 95% of Baby Boomers and 92% of Millennials.


Job Satisfaction

When asked how they feel about their current roles, Drivers ranked themselves overall at a three out of five for role satisfaction and  slightly less for pay satisfaction. Similarly, they only reported a three out of five for feeling valued at work while just over half of respondents said they would recommend their current job.


Other Findings

Download your copy of the report to find more interesting insights, such as:

  • What are Driver’s motivations for changing jobs?
  • What are the average hours worked?
  • How many Drivers are paid overtime?
  • How many Drivers are considering leaving the industry or retraining?
  • Which factors are impacting mental health at work?


For a comprehensive look into East Midlands and South Yorkshire’s Driver employment market, click the button below to download your copy of the report.

If you have any questions or would like to find out how we can support you with the next step in your career, get in touch today!

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