Champagne for winners

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Posted by: Peter
Posted on: 12/01/2017

Champagne WinnersChristmas may have come and gone but the cheer and giving of gifts isn’t quite over yet.

In August of last year, we launched the QS Recruitment Fantasy Football League. We selected from our staff an expert panel to choose and manage our own team.  Our panel brimmed with confidence in their ability to pick a winning side.  Based upon that confidence we issued a challenge to our clients and workers; pick a team that places higher than ours by Christmas and we will give you a bottle of Champagne.

I am delighted to say that our team finished higher in the league than 24 of the opposing teams; good news for us you may be thinking. However, there were 8 teams that possessed a level of expertise beyond our capability, and finished higher in the league than we did, which leaves us with a sizeable bill for Champagne!

Joking aside, we are pleased to be able to confirm the following teams as Champagne winners:

Sainstars – Stephen Kingshott

All de Gea, No Idea – Chris McEnaney

King Run – Stephen Lavelle

Kindergarten Klopp

Klops Crocs – Stuart Newton

3C Globe Trotters – Francis Maye / 3C Global Group

Saintsters- Philippa Kingshott

Getting the Beerens – Richard Milward

If a representative from each team could contact our Managing Director, Peter Gillespie, at our Head office on 0115 9422008 we can arrange for the delivery or collection of the prize.

In the meantime, the season is not over yet. Our team are still confident in their ability (despite a shaky start) and there is still the end of season prizes to play for (£200 for the first place, £100 for second and £50 for the third placed team).

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