6 Questions to Help You Find a Temp Job You Love

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Posted on: 06/09/2022

Some days turning up to work can feel like a chore. You’re heading to the same job with the same people at the same place and before the day has even started, you just know it will be dull.

They say that variety is the spice of life and if that’s the truth, getting stuck in a job rut must be the equivalent of a very bland meal. Life’s too short for dull jobs (or bland food!).

If you’re struggling to find the passion for current your situation, it could be time to make a change and consider a temp job.

Before you dive in and start looking for a temp job you would love, ask yourself these six key questions.

What Do You Like About Work?

When searching for a temp role you’ll love, one of the most effective questions to ask yourself is what you’ve enjoyed in past positions.

Cast your mind back to the last role where you felt fully engaged and fulfilled. What was it that made you enjoy it?

  • Was it the way you were working? Maybe you were surrounded by a large team and plenty of chatter that made the day go quickly. Or perhaps you enjoyed having full autonomy and plenty of time with your own thoughts
  • Was it the pace of the work? Some people would rather have slower-paced roles, while others thrive on tight deadlines and ambitious targets. You know which way of working works for you, so it’s important to explore this when considering your next step
  • Was it the lifestyle that came with the job? Everyone is different – so while one person may love having three days on and three days off, others may prefer to have a strict nine-to-five work schedule

It’s always better to be sure about what you enjoy before you take the steps to find the right temp role.

What Are You Good At?

What you’re good at often tends to go hand in hand with what you like – but not always! You might love rugby but if you have bad hand-eye coordination, you will find becoming the next Jonny Wilkinson an uphill battle.

Have an honest conversation with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses, including any physical limitations that might make it difficult to do some jobs.

You could make a list of all your top skills – both hard and soft skills – so that you can be reflective and see them written down. Some of your experience and skills might be transferrable to a temp role in another industry, so make sure you think through all your previous jobs and list everything that’s relevant.

What Fits with Your Lifestyle?

We touched on this earlier when considering what you like about work. In some roles, the lifestyle might be something that truly appeals.

But let’s take the question a little deeper – because sometimes it’s not only about liking the lifestyle, it’s about having a role that fits your lifestyle and priorities.

For example, someone with children might value financial security and flexibility. In contrast, someone young and single might prefer to take a role that has less security but offers potentially higher rewards.

To figure out if a certain temp role will fit in with your lifestyle, weigh up all its potential negatives then decide how important they are to you. A few things to consider could include:

  • Length of your commute
  • Working hours required
  • Physical requirements for the role
  • Pay and benefits

What Do You Want to Learn?

Every new temp role is an opportunity to learn about a new job and possibly even a new industry. They say you should never stop learning, which is especially true in the workplace. No matter how far you advance in a career, learning new things is the key to staying engaged and keeping the job interesting.

When looking at new temp jobs, ask plenty of questions. Enquire if there are opportunities to work across various departments and potentially learn about new areas where you have a keen interest. See if they offer on-the-job training or other development programmes for temporary workers.

Temp work can give you an excellent variety of experience and learning opportunities across multiple businesses, roles, and sectors.

What Kind of Culture Are You Looking For?

When it comes to the workplace, not everyone is looking for the same working environment.

Some people thrive in a place with plenty of opportunities to socialise and a real sense of camaraderie. Others are more interested in somewhere calmer or somewhere that emphasises the importance of flexible arrangements and promotes a great work-life balance.

As you search for the perfect temp job, ask yourself what traits are most important for you in a workplace:

  • What kind of environment will get the best out of you on a day-to-day basis?
  • Do you highly value a culture that supports good causes?
  • Is celebrating success and enjoying social occasions important to you?
  • How critical is a workplace that’s innovative, or likes to change frequently?
  • Is a workplace that supports work-life balance critical for your new temp job?

What Impact Do You Want to Have?

The final question you should ask yourself before you search for a temp job is what kind of impact you want to have.

Much of today’s workplace is primarily about what employees and contractors can get from a job. And while this is critical, it’s also worth thinking about what you can contribute to the job and the business.

For example, if helping others is something that brings you satisfaction, it’s important to know that your new temp role offers you these opportunities.


There is no such thing as a perfect job. Every job will include elements you enjoy and elements you’re less enthusiastic about, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a job that you love (for the most part!).

If you’re thinking about a career move, now might be the perfect time to explore a temp role. The team at QS Recruitment would love to help.

We’ve been delivering high-quality recruitment solutions across the East Midlands and South Yorkshire for over two decades. Our business originally began in Industrial & Warehousing recruitment but we’re now across plenty of other sectors, including Engineering, Driving and Office/Admin roles.

To get started finding your ideal temp role, reach out to our team of experts today.

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