6 Benefits of Working with a Temp Recruitment Agency

Posted by: QS Recruitment
Posted on: 05/10/2021

Whether it’s broadening your skills and experience, bridging a gap between permanent roles, exploring different roles, companies and industries, or building a career with more variety and flexibility, there are lots of reasons you might decide to work as a temp.

Many people begin their temping careers by signing up with a temp agency – but is this the right move for you? To help you understand your options, let’s break down six of the key benefits of working with a temp recruitment agency.

1. Cast a Wider Net for Work

You might have gained solid experience from your previous roles and built up a few good contacts, but it’s likely your personal network can’t compare to the scale of a temp recruiter’s contact list.

Temp recruiters have broad networks in the industries they specialise in, so you’ll find a wider variety of opportunities available to work within a range of different sectors, companies, teams and cultures. Working for a temp agency, you can be sure you’re never out of work!

2. Pick Up New Jobs With Ease

Waiting for weeks for a phone call is highly unlikely if you’ve signed up with a reputable temp agency. A major advantage you’ll have with a temp recruiter is speed – in a temp environment, recruiters are used to working fast, and they love it! With dozens of clients on their books (or more), a recruiter can quickly line up new assignments for their temps when they’re ready to take on a new role.

At QS Recruitment for example, we work with over 150 businesses across the Midlands and South Yorkshire, so we always need reliable people to fill hundreds of jobs every day, and we need to do it quickly!

3. Someone to Represent You

From the beginning of the hiring process, a temp recruiter will be your advocate and help you navigate the paperwork and get all the details right before your first day on the job. They will help you understand the terms of the role and guide you through the process.

If you have questions about your pay, contract, working conditions and the like, a recruiter will be able to help you with these and act as an intermediary between you and the employer, so everything continues to run smoothly.

4. Pay Without the Paperwork Hassles

One of the major benefits of working for a temp agency is that you won’t get bogged down with the pay and tax-related administrative tasks as you would if you were an independent contractor, for example.

As a temp, you’re paid directly by the agency on a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) basis as an employee, so you’re only required to submit timesheets. The agency automatically deducts tax and national insurance for you, leaving you to focus on what’s most important to you.

5. Tailored Advice and Matching With the Right Employers

Recruiters work closely with their temps and as an adviser to their clients. This places them in an ideal position to match people to jobs and companies that they’re compatible with.

When you work with a temp recruiter, they will take the time to ask you about your skills, preferences, career goals and what kind of work might suit your lifestyle. Be sure to ask them for advice on the job market and where you could find ways to develop your potential further.

All of our temp staff at QS Recruitment are interviewed to discuss their personal needs and what they’re looking for – we don’t just throw you into any job if we don’t think it’s a good match.

6. Grow Your Career

Agency work gives you the opportunity to work with a range of different sectors, companies, teams and cultures, in a way that isn’t possible in most permanent jobs. With temp experience, you can demonstrate your ability to learn new systems and policies quickly and think on your feet. Many agencies even provide temps with training and professional development, which will pay dividends for your long-term career.

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Still on the fence about temping or want to know more about becoming an agency temp? Whether you’re looking for work as a driver, warehouse operative, bin man, administrator, get in touch with our local temp recruitment specialists in Midlands and South Yorkshire – we’ll get you on the way to your first assignment (and a successful temp career) in no time!

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