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Posted on: 03/01/2023

It’s no secret that businesses are facing a battle to find people with the right skills and experience to thrive in permanent roles.

Three-quarters of UK businesses have faced labour shortages in the past 12 months, according to a recent report commissioned by the CBI. The report found access to labour (75%) and skills (72%) were the biggest labour market concerns among businesses.

The situation is the same in our region. The most recent Quarterly Economic Survey from East Midlands Chamber found two-thirds (66%) of businesses attempted to recruit new employees in the second quarter of the year but 82% struggled to find the right people. Chief Executive Scott Knowles said the region faces a “monumental skills shortage”.

But this doesn’t mean the right candidates aren’t out there. Whether you’re looking for drivers, warehouse staff or office and admin staff, working with a recruitment agency can help you find permanent staff who will help your business thrive.

Here are some of the benefits of working with a recruitment agency.

Access to a Top Talent Network

The best recruitment agencies have a ‘ready to go’ pool of excellent, well-qualified candidates. The opportunity to tap into this network of talent is a key reason to work with a recruitment agency.

Top candidates can be hard to find, especially in a tight labour market. We know from talking to candidates that many people are anxious about changing jobs given the current uncertainty in the economy.

That’s why an existing pool of candidates is so important. Agencies have a connection with talented people in the industry. Even if they are not actively looking to change jobs, these “passive candidates” are open to moving for the right role, especially if it’s recommended by an agency they know and trust.

The QS in QS Recruitment stands for Quality Service and we pride ourselves on offering candidates an enhanced experience.

We meet all our candidates for a face-to-face interview before putting them forward for roles. And our expert recruiters undertake a 13-week training programme to ensure they offer both candidates and clients informed advice and insights into the role and wider industry. This reputation has helped us build a strong talent pipeline of skilled and experienced people.

We also understand the incentives passive candidates need and the roles which would make them consider a change.

Local Industry Expertise

Another benefit of working with a permanent recruitment agency is their knowledge of the local market and your industry.

Recruiters that understand the specific needs of businesses in a specialist sector are best-placed to find candidates with the right mix of skills and experience.

Brian Smith, our Regional Director, said: “At QS Recruitment, we have nearly 30 years of expertise recruiting for driving jobs, warehouse jobs and office jobs in the Midlands and South Yorkshire.

“We know the trends, challenges and opportunities for businesses in the region. We know the questions to ask when we first meet candidates and the skills and qualifications required for industry roles.

“And we have the network and systems in place to quickly and economically find the ideal candidate for your business.”

Save Time and Money

Working with a recruitment agency will save you time and money.

In a busy organisation, few people have time to research, write and advertise jobs before selecting the most suitable candidates, conducting interviews and undertaking salary negotiations. With a good recruitment agency, you don’t have to try to find a candidate from scratch. They have instant access to an existing database of candidates to speed-up the hiring process and fill your roles faster.

There is also a cost saving, with managers freed-up to focus on day-to-day operations instead of spending time maintaining and managing candidates through a recruitment process.

At QS Recruitment, our clients only pay if we are successful in finding them their ideal employee. There is zero cost until the candidate starts work, and it means there is no financial risk to you and you have nothing to lose!


In the current labour market, candidates can afford to be choosy about their next role.

Peter Gillespie, Managing Director at QS Recruitment, said: “Businesses in the Midlands and South Yorkshire are doing all they can to attract top talent for driving, warehouse and manufacturing jobs and we know that is only one of the challenges they face in the uncertain economic climate.

“These issues are unlikely to go away in the short-term so now is the time to invest in your permanent recruitment strategy. Working with a recruitment agency like QS Recruitment can make finding permanent staff smooth, efficient and economical. We have the local industry expertise and access to a first-class talent network to drive your business forward.”

QS Recruitment have been recruiting Driving, Warehouse & Manufacturing and Office & Admin staff across the Midlands and South Yorkshire for almost 30 years. If you have a temporary or permanent role to fill or are looking for your next opportunity, get in touch with our expert team today.


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