Skills Shortages within the HGV Driving and Industrial Sectors in the UK

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Posted on: 21/09/2023

How QS Recruitment are attempting to combat the skills shortages.

The UK is currently facing a significant challenge when it comes to skills shortages in a number of sectors, with a couple of the most affected being the driving and industrial sectors, and shortages have detrimental effects on business operations, productivity, and economic growth. However, temporary recruitment agencies such as QS Recruitment have emerged as valuable partners in combating this issue, providing a solution to bridge the skills gap.

HGV Driving Sector Shortages

The driving sector has been hit hard by skills shortages over the last few years due to multiple factors. An aging workforce, changes in regulations, and the uncertainty surrounding Brexit have all contributed to a dearth of skilled, experienced drivers, with the lack of qualified commercial vehicle drivers resulting in delayed deliveries, increased transportation costs, and supply disruptions. QS Recruitment have stepped in to source and supply qualified drivers on-demand, helping businesses avoid logistical nightmares and maintain smooth operations.

Manufacturing and Industrial Sector Shortages

The industrial sector has also been facing similar problems, skills shortages have been a persistent problem affecting the manufacturing and logistics industries. The demand for skilled industrial workers surpasses the available supply. This gap is caused by demographic shifts, lack of vocational training, and a common misconception that industrial jobs lack career prospects. QS Recruitment have actively responded to this issue by actively engaging with job-seekers, promoting the benefits of industrial work, and matching qualified candidates with businesses in need. They provide businesses with the flexibility to scale their workforce based on demand, enabling them to meet challenging production targets.

How Can QS Recruitment help?

QS Recruitment plays a crucial role in preventing skills shortages in these sectors by acting as an intermediary between the businesses that they work with, and the right candidate for the job. We have a deep understanding of industry specific requirements and can efficiently match candidates with businesses in need of their skills. By utilising own extensive networks and databases, as well as thorough screening processes, we can source high-quality candidates quickly and effectively.

Moreover, QS Recruitment can provide flexible staffing solutions that allow businesses to adjust their workforce based on demand. In times of peak business activity or short-term projects, companies can rely on temporary workers sourced through these agencies. This flexibility ensures that businesses can maintain productivity levels, as well as meet customer demands.

If you are looking to work with a staffing partner, you can find more information about QS Recruitment within the employers section on our website. Alternatively you can get in touch with your local team through our contact page

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