How to Overcome 2022’s Top Recruitment Challenges

Posted by: QS Recruitment
Posted on: 05/04/2022

Employers across all industries are still recovering from the disruption caused by the pandemic, Brexit, IR35, and other market forces over the past couple of years. With talent shortages ongoing and jobseekers reevaluating their work/life balance, now is a good time to assess your current recruitment processes.

By tightening a few screws or identifying areas for improvement you will be able to face down this year’s top recruitment challenges and come out on top.

Here are our top tips for surviving the biggest recruitment challenges in 2022:

1. Demonstrate Empathy

When times are tough, it’s easy to look inwards and focus on challenges that directly impact on you. Hiring managers may bemoan issues like skills and talent shortages, losing candidates at the last minute to the competition and not being able to find reliable, trustworthy staff members.

But when was the last time you looked at a hiring process from the candidate’s perspective? In the world of temporary recruitment, it can be all too easy to see jobseekers as short-term solutions to fill gaps in the warehouse or behind the wheel. But for many of these candidates, the past few years has been just as turbulent – even more so in many cases.

Empathy is not only important when going through the recruitment process, but also when writing the job description. Has the role been developed with the candidate in mind, and have you thought about benefits and perks on offer? Salary is no longer the most important factor for many jobseekers, who equally value things like flexibility, mental health support, and connection with colleagues. We know the most successful companies at the moment are starting to look at how they can better look after their staff, and if you’re not, you’re going to miss out.

2. Revive Employee Engagement

When the pandemic first hit, there was a rallying cry from workers across the country who banded together in support of the common good. After two years, many people are physically and emotionally tired – a result of working long hours, dealing with sickness and the emotional stress of COVID-19.

The initial enthusiasm has been depleted, and it’s now up to employers to dig deep into their reserves and try to build employee engagement once again. The first place to start is your company vision and making sure each and every employee knows what and how they are contributing. Finding purpose in your job is a key motivator for many, and one of the best ways to drive employee engagement.

You can look into rewards programs like employee of the month or financial incentives when KPIs are achieved. Or review your learning and development plan to see what’s on offer to employees at all levels.

3. Consider Cultural Fit First

Reviewing job applicants used to involve scanning CVs for key qualifications or ticking boxes related to experience. With a talent shortage affecting all industries, hiring managers now need to get more creative and look for new, innovative ways to fill vacancies.

Upskilling and reskilling have become essential parts of the hiring process, where people can be hired based on their cultural fit and potential to learn. Training can then be provided to ensure the workers have the necessary technical skills to get the job done.

Offering to fund certifications like the Forklift Driver License or a Health and Safety qualification is a proven way to not only ensure your staff are happy and want to stay around but a  great USP for your business and makes you stand out above your competitors.

4. Speed Up Your Hiring Process

Sourcing and securing the best candidates can all be about timing. With skilled workers in such high demand, you may fall prey to having your top candidate snapped out from under you at the final stage. The best remedy is finding a way to streamline your recruitment process so you can extend an offer in the shortest time possible.

This doesn’t mean skipping any steps or taking risks. It’s about planning in advance each stage of the process and making decisions as quickly as possible. Before you put together your job ad, plot out some key dates in your diary and book in time with anyone in your department who needs to be involved – whether that’s people who want to sit in on interviews, or the person who will sign off on the final decision. If you find a great candidate who meets all your criteria, make them an offer subject to reference checks. It’s important to show candidates you are keen, so they don’t accept a role elsewhere.

5. Team Up With a Specialist Recruiter

Sometimes, despite all of the best efforts made internally, it’s time to call in some external support. Partnering with an experienced specialist recruiter who knows your industry and your market can alleviate stress and also speed up the process. That means you can fill your vacancies with a qualified, reliable worker in the shortest time possible.

How? Recruitment agencies like QS Recruitment have databases of pre-screened candidates who are ready to start work straight away so there’s no need to go through the exhaustive full recruitment process. They are also constantly scouring the market for untapped talent who may not be actively seeking new opportunities or officially applying for roles.

Working with a partner like QS Recruitment can also relieve some of the administrative burden that comes with managing staff such as managing timesheets, payroll and supporting staff with our 24/7 support phone line.


To recruit effectively in 2022, it’s time to start planning now. Anticipating the types of people you’ll need, and understanding how to find them, will help your company meet its operational targets in all seasons. By paying attention to employee engagement and motivation, you can boost long-term productivity and reduce ongoing recruitment costs.

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