Common Interview Questions for HGV Drivers

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Posted on: 17/11/2022

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are or how informal the interview might be, everyone gets nervous before an interview! To put your mind at rest and ensure you’re as prepared as possible, it pays to be prepared.

Although the duration of an interview and the specific questions asked will vary from employer to employer (or recruiter!), most driving job interviews have a similar structure. In this article, we’ll discuss the most common interview questions for HGV Drivers and how to best prepare for them.

Questions About Your Experience and Background

Interviewers ask these types of questions to learn more about you generally, as well as your enthusiasm for your work.

Tell us about your experience as a driver / Walk me through your CV?

How to answer:
Explain your most relevant experience and qualifications for driving. Include details about the categories of vehicles you’ve driven, how long you drove those vehicles, and the main responsibilities you had.

How do you stay motivated on the job? / How do you manage long hours away from home while working?

How to answer:
Try to give some concrete examples – experienced drivers will usually have some techniques for staying focused during long shifts. Also, focus on what you enjoy about HGV driving and being on the road.

Safety-related questions

As safety is integral to an HGV driver’s work, you will certainly be asked about how you handle dangerous or risky situations. As employers can and will check your driving record and licence, it’s best to be truthful when answering questions about your driving history.

You’re running late for the last delivery of the day. How would you maintain good customer service without compromising safety?

Example answer:
“I would continue driving at a safe speed and let both the company and the customer know the delivery will be delayed. I would not increase my speed because that could cause an accident.”

What mechanical and physical safety checks should be conducted on a truck before you transport goods?

How to answer:
Go through each step you would take to conduct a full check of your vehicle and explain what you would do if you found any problems.

Say you’re involved in an accident where someone else is at fault. What steps do you take in this situation?

Example answer:
“After checking for injuries, I would call emergency services for help, and if possible, exchange information with the other party involved in the accident. If it’s possible at the time, I would also collect evidence of the accident, including photos of any damage to the vehicles, cargo and other property.”

Behavioural and Situational Questions

Some other HGV driver interview questions you can expect are those focusing on your problem-solving ability and interpersonal skills. The format of these questions will feature a situation and then ask how you would resolve it, or how you have handled it in the past. An example of a behavioural or situation question could include:

What steps do you take to ensure your delivery deadlines are met?

Example answer:
“I do not go over the speed limit or violate road rules to meet a deadline. I always start my day ahead of my scheduled time, so I have a buffer in case of any delays that might arise. I use apps (give examples) to monitor real-time information about traffic and road closures. I take breaks within my allotted time, but I don’t skip them and risk becoming fatigued.”

What would you do if a dispatcher or other colleague gave you the wrong information and caused you a delay? How would you resolve the problem?

Example answer:
“I would remain calm and take the time to get clarification on the issue before planning my next steps. We all make mistakes at times, so I would politely inform my colleague that the information was incorrect to help them prevent similar issues in future.“


Remember that safety, good customer service and professionalism are crucial in HGV driver jobs, so focus on these factors when answering questions. Thinking carefully about how your responses to these questions will sound to an employer is an important step in preparing for your next job interview.

We are always more than happy to offer guidance to HGV drivers about how to excel in job interviews and get the role they’re after. To discover the job opportunities available in in the Midlands and South Yorkshire, please get in touch with our HGV Driver recruitment team. We’re available 24/7 and have over 20 years of experience working with drivers to find them HGV jobs to suit their needs.

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